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4 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Expect warm smiles, hearty laughs, and service that goes the extra mile.

🏄‍♂️ Surfer's Delight Meets Yankee Bite

Catch the wave of flavors at The Yankee’s, where we’ve hitched the American wagon to the Aussie star. It’s not just a meal; it’s a celebration of the high-flying American spirit with a Surfers Paradise twist.

Our Legacy - Always Ready to Serve

Whether you’re dining in, carrying out, or ordering from the comfort of your home, The Yankee’s promise is a meal that’s made with care and served with pride.

🍔 Meet Our Culinary Heroes

From the sizzle of steaks to the artisanal touch on our hand-crafted burgers, each dish is a headline act. Indulge in our “Signature Dishes” starring the illustrious Crispy Skin Salmon, or brave the “Steaks” section where the ARL0 Quality beef tells tales of tender care and rich, marbled flavors.

🍕 The Great American Slice

Our pizzas are a canvas of flavors, each slice a burst of the American spirit. Try our ‘BBQ Chicken’ or the classic ‘Margherita’ – a tribute to the timeless love for good ol’ pizza.

🥗 Salads for the Soul

For those who fancy a dance with greens, our salads like the ‘Caesar Chicken’ and ‘Mediterranean Veg’ are symphonies of fresh produce and zesty dressings.

🍗 Wings and Ribs – The Ultimate Feast

Our ‘Wings and Ribs’ section is a homage to the soulful backyard barbecues, with sauces that will take your taste buds on a road trip from Buffalo to the deep South.

🌭 The Yankee’s Special – Hot Dogs & Loaded Fries

Bite into nostalgia with our ‘Texas Dog’ or ‘Cheesy Loaded Fries’ that redefine comfort food with every crunch and melt.

🍨 Desserts that Echo the Sweet Freedom

Cap off your meal with our ‘Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream’ or ‘Caramel Stickdate’ – because what’s more American than a sweet ending to a hearty feast?

🍸 Cocktails & Cheers

The Bar Our bar, brimming with crafted cocktails and brews, is where stories unfold over clinking glasses and the cheer of “cheers!”

We are Social!


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